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On Grace Notes
A grace note is a tiny thing, a simple thing, a humble thing. Yet, properly used it can dramatically alter the dynamic of a piece of music. In fact, a expertly placed grace note can turn an entire symphony on its head, affecting tempo, melody, mood, and the fundamental direction of what follows.

As musicians playing for difficult situations, we could ask for no greater privilege, no higher calling, than to become like one of these tiny grace notes. Because it is in their smallness, in their simplicity, in their humility, that they can open our hearts to the most transcendental realization of all - that we are not the ones playing music, rather, we are the music being played by the One. May we all be grace notes for one another.



She Rises

The Eternal Songbird
lives at the burning core of creation

And gathers Her nest
from a Field of Love that loses nothing.

We are the woven twigs from a tree
She sang into being eons ago.

We are the prophets of a future
we do not own.

Even now,
She rises from us,

With flaming wings that split the night
and give birth to songs

For which there are yet no names.


The Bhakti Cart

I posses an ornate harp
that is so powerful
it can touch
the Heart of God.

I push it around all day
in a cart
which has fallen into
Divine Disrepair.

The wheels speak to me:
ca-chunk, ca-chunk, ca-chunk.
But all I hear is
Bha-kti, Bha-kti, Bha-kti.

I long to set its content on fire
deep within
your holy abode

and sweep the sacred ash
from the ground
of our mutual being.

I now stand at your doorway
with my most precious possession.
I've pushed it all this way
just to ask:

Hey buddy, can you spare a light?



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