"I truly believe music in the hospital setting has a positive impact on patients. Patients often express how the music helps them to become more calm and relaxed, making the atmosphere more peaceful which is conducive to healing. We are grateful to The Grace Note Foundation for all they do. They are a gift."  ~ Jan Adamson, RN, MSM, CRNI; Clinical Educator Med/Tele and Med/Surg; Sierra Vista Regional Hospital, Sierra Vista, Arizona


"Staff have been known to respond to harpist David Pavlovich [founder of The Grace Note Foundation] with an audible cheer. Doctors often take him from room to room to visit their patients. One busy nurse manager reports: 'Thank you for arranging for David to play the harp on the Coronary Care Unit. The staff and patients loved it. Several of my patients were tapping their feet in rhythm and a few even moved their chairs out into the hallway to listen. It's a wonderful thing, the music program.' One medical student states: 'This music is really a therapeutic asset to the hospital. Makes me just float from room to room as I do my rounds.' " ~ Human Resource Department, Stanford Hospital                                      


"My daughter became very ill and was admitted to the Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit at University Medical Center, Tucson. She was undergoing a series of tests as no one knew what was wrong and her condition continued to worsen. I felt helpless and on the verge of complete despair. Then I heard the most beautiful harp music coming from outside our door. It was amazing. I felt my spirit begin to lift. It was as if a great weight was being lifted from me. My daughter is in complete recovery now thanks to the staff at UMC. For me the turning point came as I listened to that beautiful music coming into our room. It gave me strength to deal with the situation. It was the primary reason that I began the charitable organization Shine On Tucson which provides special programs for the children at Diamond Children's Hospital. Thank you David, for being there in my darkest hour."  ~ Janey Russel, founder of Shine On Tucson


"Our sister was a patient at Tucson Medical Center for six months. When her brain tumor became inoperable she returned home. The Grace Note Foundation sent David to play for us during her final weeks and he became a friend of our family. My sister loved the music so much. In the end when she could barely move she could always manage to smile while the music was playing. Thank you to The Grace Note Foundation for making this experience possible."  ~ Anna Gonzales, Tucson, Arizona


"Our grandmother was near the end of her life when David came to play his harp for us. She was a church organist for over 50 years. As she listened to her favorite songs we could see her feet moving very deliberately up and down. We are sure she was working the pedals of an imaginary organ. In her mind she was playing one last duet. We are so very grateful to The Grace Note Foundation." ~ Martha Simmons, Tucson, Arizona


"Several years ago our daughter was a patient at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and David came several times to play his harp for us. She could not stop talking about it afterwards. When the Make A Wish Foundation asked her what she wanted she didn't hesitate to ask for a harp. They bought her a beautiful harp and she began taking lessons as soon as we returned home. Thank you to both the Make A Wish Foundation and The Grace Note Foundation for bringing such joy out of a difficult situation."  ~ Tim and Nancy Wallace, Palo Alto, California